Tank cure epoxy sealant


Epoxy petrol tank sealant. 450 Gram or 600 gram. 450 gram for tanks up to 15 liters max. If you have a bigger tank to seal or with a more complicated shape it’s more safe to choose a 600 gram set. Any questions? Contact me!

The ultimate cure against leaking and rusted tanks.



Clean petrol tank first with tank cure cleaner and rust remover. I recommend to always use the rust remover before sealing a tank, also if the tank has no rust, because the rust remover prepares the surface for a better adhesion of the sealant. Rinse the tank with warm water and use a blow dryer and/or compressed air to dry the tank internally. Tank should be absolutely dry internally before you apply sealant. Mix (stir) the two components A and B thoroughly and put the sealant in the tank. Shut filler opening and slowly turn the tank in all directions. Make sure the sealant reaches the complete inner surface several times. After turning for 15 to 20 minutes drain off the spillage and remove all the plugs in the tank openings. Minimum temperature while processed 20°C. Process time at 20°C is 30 minutes. A good tip, before pooring in the sealer warm up the tank with a dry blower it helps the sealant to flow better and reach all corners of the tank,not to hot because then it will dry way to fast! Wait 7 days (at room temperature) before applying petrol. If you need any further info or got any questions about this product don’t hasitate to contact me, I used this product more than enough to help you out.

Warning!!! If you want to apply in a aluminium tank contact me, it is possible but only with the right preperation!

I can also apply the tank sealant for you, contact me for further info.

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